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Discover the magic of fresh-cut LOCAL flowers with a seasonal Floral Subscription! Long-lasting, fragrant and grown in harmony with nature. RESERVE YOURS NOW!

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Pollinator Friendly

We never use herbicides, pesticides or chemical fertilizers. Just water, air, sun and some good 'ol fashioned COMPOST, so you can feel good about inhaling deeply. We care about our soil and water quality and are invested in protecting native species. The bees sleeping in our blooms are a testament to our commitment to growing naturally.  


Longer vase life

We take care to make sure our flowers and foliage are cut, conditioned and delivered within 3 days or less to ensure the longest vase-life possible. Most of our flowers last 7-10 days with proper care, and some last as long as 3 weeks. 

Custom designs for any occasion

We love creating beautiful and unique arrangements using seasonal flowers and foliage. Book us for weddings, events, parties, or just because. Need a bouquet for someone's special day? How about a center piece for a dinner party? We are happy to accommodate anything from single, simple arrangements to full-service floral design. (Please allow 5 days to process). 


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