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We are so excited to finally welcome guests to stay at our farm in 2021!  


The Ginko House is a Country-Cottage style AirBnb situated on our 5-acre homestead, above our detached garage. It comes adorned with a queen-sized bed, mini fridge, and kitchenette (dishes, silverware, cookware, electric burner, toaster oven/coffee maker/griddle combo and electric kettle), as well as a small washroom with a composting toilet. There is electric and wifi available, but no modern plumbing. However, there is an antique-style basin and pitcher to wash up in, a glass dispenser for potable water, and a sizable sink with a 5-gallon wash-water dispenser for doing dishes, etc. It's a very cozy space and a uniquely fun experience for the farm/homestead/nature enthusiast. ;)


We provide all the water you need, coffee/tea/sugar, butter/cooking oil/salt, and a few herbs and spices. Most times we have fresh eggs from the farm available for purchase, as well as cut flowers, mushrooms and fresh herbs, when in season. 

Come to enjoy the scenery, cut some flowers and be in nature!

To book your stay visit our listing on AirBnb!

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