Bring some unique and lively holiday cheer to your home in the form of exquisite Amaryllis flowers! This rare white double type with green centers bloom on shorter stalks (16-18 inches), but each bulb produces 1-2 stems with at least four flowers, each! We purchase large, high-quality bulbs to ensure an impressive bloom. These stunning flowers come to you already budded and about to bloom, planted in a festive holiday pot for you to enjoy through the holiday season, or to give as a gift. AND the bulbs can be kept for re-growing year after year. 

Double White Amaryllis

  • Amaryllis like bright light and not much water, which makes them easy to care for. Placing it near a window with sufficient sunlight will extend the life of your flower. Once it is done blooming, new foliage will grow to supply much-needed energy to the bulb, so that it can grow again, next season. Allow the foliage to die all the way back before cutting and storing. Over the holiday season though, don't be shy about moving it around and placing it where it brings the most joy!