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Welcome to my site. I'm Bonnie Warndahl, owner and operator of Winnowburrow Farm & Florals. This farm is my life and my passion. I put everything I have into caring for the soil, protecting native ecosystems and improving pollinator habitat. The land and it's natural resources are what nourish me physically, emotionally and spiritually and my hope is that - in some small way - it can nourish you, too. 

More than anything, I love growing and designing with flowers. There is nothing so satisfying as starting with  some dirt and a "few" packets of tiny seeds and ending months later with a joyful masterpiece. I take pride in providing unique specialty cuts that are grown without the use of chemicals or synthetic fertilizers. My design aesthetic typically triangulates wild and woodsy qualities with elegance and boldness of color and texture. It is a perfect combination of my urban up-bringing and my deep love for the farm and country way of life. I equally enjoy the weekly routine of bringing wrapped bouquets to farmers market and doing full-service floral design for small-scale weddings and events. Like local food, local seasonal flowers are better for us as consumers, better for growers and better for the environment. 

Tucked into the rolling hills of the stunning Red Cedar River Valley in West Central Wisconsin, Winnowburrow is part of a 311 acre biologically diverse property. Eau Claire, Menomonie and Chippewa falls are all within a 30 minute drive and we are only an hour and a half from the Twin Cities. 


In addition to cut flowers we also grow culinary herbs, gourmet mushrooms and Heirloom dried beans, including several rare varieties. We keep a large kitchen garden for drying and canning, and a small flock of heritage poultry for meat and eggs.


At Winnowburrow Farm we believe it is our moral responsibility to do our part in preserving what is left of our endangered seed stock. We are committed to protecting diminishing resources and working to stabilize local food security by saving rare and endangered heirloom seed. 

Schedule a visit, book a night in the bunkhouse, buy a floral subscription, try some of our delicious shiitake mushrooms...! We'd love to share this magical place with you in what ever ways we can. 

Winnow definition: To remove (something, such as chaff) by a current of air.

Burrow definition: A hole or tunnel in the ground made by a rabbit, fox, or similar animal for habitation and refuge.