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Welcome! We're Bonnie and Josh Warndahl, the wearers-of-many-hats and laborers of love behind the scenes at Winnowburrow Farm. Neither of us were born farmers, but like many others who are choosing the same path, we felt deeply that city life just wasn't our deal. Rather, a sustainable, nature-based life was our ticket to happiness, and we've been making a go of it since 2015.

This spring, after renting land for 4 seasons, we were finally able to buy our "Forever Farm" tucked into the rolling hills of the stunning Red Cedar River Valley in West Central Wisconsin. Winnowburrow is now part of a 311 acre community shared between 7 homesteads. 

From the soil we raise exquisite cut flowers, culinary herbs, gourmet and Heirloom dried beans, including several rare varieties. We also raise gourmet mushrooms for farmers market and restaurant sales, and keep heritage poultry for meat and eggs.

From our hearts we raise community, knowledge and appreciation for our Mother Earth and strive to foster gratitude for all she gives us.  


At Winnowburrow Farm we believe it is our moral responsibility to do our part in preserving what is left of our endangered seed stock. We are committed to protecting diminishing resources and working to stabilize local food security. 

Come on out for a visit! We'd love to share this magical place with you!

Winnow definition: To remove (something, such as chaff) by a current of air.

Burrow definition: A hole or tunnel in the ground made by a rabbit, fox, or similar animal for habitation and refuge.